From Innovation to Value in Commercial Real Estate
Is practical innovation taking hold and what’s new for PropTech?

Altus Group
CRE Innovation Report

The latest CRE Innovation Report explores how the commercial real estate (CRE) industry is advancing towards adoption and use of data and technology while taking a deeper look into the specific challenges that lie ahead.

Key questions posed in this report:

  • Are CRE leaders paying attention to the disruptive potential of new technologies, and is this translating into real world implementation with practical business benefits?
  • How is technology and automation changing jobs and processes that are core to the industry, and where might it lead in the future?
  • How are the challenges of data usability impacting the industry?
  • How will the PropTech landscape evolve to meet the needs of todays’ modern CRE industry?

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Key Findings

The CRE industry has reached a tipping point on how it views emerging technology with a majority of firms now recognising its potential disruptive impact.

Online marketplaces are reaching critical mass. As these marketplaces continue to evolve, greater value will be delivered through the access and utilisation of smarter data and analytics.

Automation is not only having a profound impact on transactions and deal cycles but also on how the industry operates.

Having a data strategy and a Chief Data Officer is now a must for CRE firms.

The PropTech industry will experience consolidation over the next two years.

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