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How the Global Property Development Industry is responding to

Real Estate Development Trends Report

This report, based on a global survey of property development leaders, highlights the latest market forces, challenges, risks and opportunities to help provide an overall view of the state of change impacting the property development industry globally.

Key questions posed in the survey

  • What market forces are having the biggest impact on development?
  • What are the biggest challenges for developers and how are they planning to deal with them?
  • Is the sector prepared for the potential impact of emerging technologies?
  • How are developers measuring performance?
  • How are financing and partnership structures evolving for developers?

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Five Key Themes Emerged

Powerful market forces are bringing change that did not exist a few years ago or have evolved substantially.

Developers have uncertainty around emerging technologies and their potential impact.

The use of alternative financing options has become more prevalent globally.

How the development industry responds to changing market forces appears to be polarised.

Better benchmarking will help developers track improvements and performance.

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