Ontario's new Construction Act

How developers can prepare

On-demand Webinar

Duration: 35 minutes

Protect your interests when it comes to payment deadlines and adjudication

Ontario's new Construction Act is the biggest change to hit our province's development industry in over 40 years. Are you ready to meet the terms of the 28-day contractor payment deadline and new protocols for adjudication?

During this webinar we discussed:

  • Key changes and impacts of the Construction Act
  • Preparing to comply with new payment provisions
  • How to prepare for adjudication
  • Strategies to reduce the risk of a poor adjudication decision

Looking for more resources on the Construction Act?

Key amendments to Ontario's Construction Act 

Construction Act - New Compliance Obligations and Dispute Resolution Opportunities 

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Meet the Presenter

Andrew Illingworth | Senior Director, Contract Solutions

Andrew Illingworth

Senior Director | Contract Solutions

Andrew is a leader in the construction industry with strong contract management experience and the demonstrated ability to strategically inspire project teams to bring about positive project outcomes throughout the project lifecycle. With over 30 years’ experience managing cross-disciplined teams in Hong Kong, the UK, and Canada, he provides risk management, scheduling, and quantum expert services and training.


His diverse expertise includes: commercial and contract management, quantity surveying, dispute resolution, negotiation, procurement, and purchasing and supply chain. Using this background, he delivers customized construction contract solutions from commencement through to the successful project completion.

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