What’s new in ARGUS Enterprise 12.0

The latest version of ARGUS Enterprise features a cloud deployment making it the most accessible and powerful version to date, allowing users to set-up and work with teams, use existing data, and leverage new functionality and applications.

During this webinar, our ARGUS subject matter expert will run through the key features of ARGUS Enterprise 12.0 and how you can make the most out of the latest version.

  • ARGUS Enterprise powered by Cloud: The benefits and flexibility of having a cloud-based environment of ARGUS Enterprise
  • Ability to benchmark assumptions and discover insights with portfolio-level dashboards
  • Additional valuation methods for the German and French markets

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Global valuations

Easily model detailed cash flows, market assumptions and rates to run global valuation methods.

Collaborate across teams

ARGUS Enterprise powered by cloud provides centralised access to your ARGUS data anytime, anywhere.

Benchmark assumptions

Create benchmarks with your portfolio to assess potential outcomes and make critical decisions with confidence.

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